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Maximizing Your NATM Membership Series: Social Media

This article is the second in the Maximizing Your Membership series. Each article focuses on one lesser-known benefit of NATM Membership and gives tips, tricks, and explanations on how to make the most of these benefits. Every issue of Tracks in 2021 will feature an installment. NATM offers no shortage of member benefits, but some are more well-known than others. This article will cover how members can capitalize on NATM social media. It is no secret that social media is vital to marketing, brand awareness, and connecting with customers, but there are so many ways to utilize these tools that it can be overwhelming. NATM is here to help with member-only social media benefits, including campaigns, posts, and member spotlights.

NATM has profiles on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, the Association posts the latest news, updates, and important information for members, as well as Association announcements. The posts go far beyond the typical updates seen on every profile though. The Association actively promotes members’ companies in various ways.

For example, both the Women Crush Wednesday campaign the Where in the World campaign both focus on boosting member companies through posts, relevant tags, and snappy captions. Submitting to these social media campaigns is free advertising. Companies who submit increase their chance of exposure and crossing paths with potential customers. To submit to any of these campaigns, please visit

In addition, social media is a perfect networking hub. Comments, likes, and sharing all help facilitate interaction with potential suppliers, customers, and peers. Being included and active on NATM’s social media profiles is a great jumping off point for these types of communication. Working relationships can be established on these platforms.

Social media benefits for members don’t stop there. Members can link their own social media profiles to the online directory through the members only portal which was detailed in the last ar

ticle. Connecting social media to the online directory listing is another great way to increase the chance of exposure as well as give potential customers the chance to interact with the company and see examples of products and services offered.

To connect social media profiles to an online directory listing, follow the steps below.

  • Log into the Members Only portal on

  • Can't remember your password? No problem!

  • You can reset your password clicking the "Click here for login information" link.

  • Simply enter your main contact's email address and wait for the reset email from

  • Note: the password will be sent to the main contact's email only. If you need to change the main contact, email Meghan Ryan at, and she can change the main contact, as well as manually reset the password.

  • Select "Profile Update" from the red navigation bar.

  • Next, select the light grey button under your company name that reads "Edit My Profile."

  • Click on "Social Media" listed on the column on the left side of the page.

  • Copy and paste your company social media profile links in the designated fields.

  • Select "Save and Submit" to finalize your profile additions.

Social media is only one of several benefits that are going to be covered in this series. If you have topics you would like covered in this series or have questions on the information, contact NATM Tracks Editor Elizabeth Moore at or (785) 224-4433.

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