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Maximizing Your Membership: Utilizing Membership Lists

This installment of Maximizing Your Membership will highlight a free benefit for all NATM Member companies: utilizing the NATM membership lists! A highly underutilized benefit of membership, this spreadsheet of company information can assist your company in accessing new suppliers, service providers, and trailer manufacturers.

Why would I need to use the Membership List?

Have supply chain shortages disrupted your current business and you’re looking for additional material or component suppliers? Are you trying to find a new service provider for software, engineering, or insurance? Are you looking to contact a certain type of trailer manufacturer? Are you a dealer hoping to offer a new line of trailers on your lot?

NATM has the solution: an entire database of suppliers, service providers, and trailer manufacturers across the continent that are dedicated to the light- and medium-duty trailer industry. If you are looking for a company to work with, NATM can run a list to meet your individual needs!

What is included in the Membership List?

Depending on what you are looking for, NATM can run a simple list of all companies and their main contacts, or send you a full spreadsheet that lists all the categories that each company offers. You can then filter the spreadsheet based on what you are looking for, such as “Utility Trailers” or “Jacks/Landing Gear”. Need a simple, straight forward list to just contact brake suppliers? NATM can send you just that!

The spreadsheet of information lists all companies in the association, including main contacts, the address, emails, phone numbers, and the categories of what they offer.

How do I get a Membership List?

To request a membership list, contact Catie Rutkowski, NATM Administrative Assistant II, at or call (785) 272-4433.

The NATM membership lists are sent via email as Excel spreadsheets in a user-friendly, straightforward format.

What can’t it be used for?

You cannot use this mailing list to automatically sign up NATM members for electronic newsletters and mailing lists without their express approval. There are anti-spam regulations, and you must comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act. To add companies to your mailing lists, you must receive an “opt-in” from individuals, as well as include an unsubscribe link in every email campaign.

For more information about the CAN-SPAM Act, look to the following page or visit

To request a membership list, contact Catie Rutkowski, NATM Administrative Assistant II, at or call (785) 272-4433.

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