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Trailer Manufacturing Insurance: How to Get the Best Deal

The trailer industry has spent years being under served by the insurance market, and in order to assist with lowering insurance costs, Trailer Makers Insurance is working to get the best deal possible for NATM Members. It is important for the underwriters to understand the ins and outs of the trailer manufacturing industry, and in turn negotiate the best possible terms and pricing for clients.

In an effort to stay true to its mission to “serve the trailer manufacturing industry, their partners and suppliers,” Trailer Makers Insurance surveyed their insurance companies and asked how trailer manufacturers and suppliers can save the most money on insurance. Below are the company’s findings.

10 Tips to Earn the Best Terms, Conditions and Pricing on Insurance:

  • Join NATM: Join NATM and meet their manufacturing standards. (It’s true! NATM members are usually offered the best pricing because of the safety standards members are required to meet.)

  • Contractual Risk Transfer: Manufacturers should agree to a contractual risk transfer with dealers in order to hold them harmless of any liability the dealer might create through changes or modifications to a trailer.

  • Dealer Insurance Certificates: Manufacturers should collect certificates of insurance from their dealers and keep them on file.

  • General Housekeeping: Insurance companies will judge the quality of your products based on the cleanliness of your property.

  • Checklist: Create a checklist of what is required of your finished product for reference.

  • Warning Labels: Make sure warning labels are properly placed on the trailers themselves.

  • User Manuals: Up-to-date, model-specific user manuals containing how to use the trailer safely.

  • Quality Employees: Hire high-quality employees and have regular training programs on safety and job requirements as well as drug testing.

  • Component Records: Keep records of where your component parts came from on each trailer.

  • Choose Wisely: Partner with an agency that has expertise in trailer manufacturing and can tell your unique story to the insurance company, such as Trailer Makers Insurance.

About the Company

Trailer Makers Insurance is a team of highly trained Risk Management and Insurance professionals who work to protect your manufacturing operation and help you to lower your total cost of risk. The company has relationships with all major insurance carriers and will

work to give you the best premiums and coverage possible.

For more information, visit, call (478) 397-6086

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