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How to Access the NATM Job Board

The NATM Job Board connects job seekers with component suppliers, service providers, and trailer manufacturers in the light- and medium-duty trailer industry. Employers can manage job postings and search resumes, while job seekers are able to post resumes and view openings. To access the NATM Job Board, follow the steps below.

Click "I Am An Employer" to post a job or view job applicants.

• Navigate to Once on the site, click on “Job Board” in the navigation bar.

• Once on the Job Board landing page, click on the light blue button that says “I Am An Employer” to either post a job or view current job applicants.

• To post a job simply click on the underlined text that reads “Post a job, now!”

• To view current job applicants and their resumes click on the underlined text that reads “View job applicants!”

• After selecting your purpose on the Job Board, you will then be asked for you username and password. Can’t remember your password? No problem!

• You can reset your password by clicking on the prompt next to the login button that says “Click here for login information.”

• Simply enter your main contact’s email address and wait for the reset email from

After clicking on "post a job now," fill out the appropriate information for the posting.

• Note: the password will be sent to the main contact’s email only. If you need the main contact

to be changed, please email Meghan Ryan at, and she can change the main contact as well as manually reset the password.

• Once logged in, simply fill out the form that appears on the page and click “submit” to have your posting display on the Job Board.

• Now that your job posting is published, you can navigate to the job applicants by clicking on “View Job Applicants” at the bottom of the page.

Find your next great employee by utilizing the NATM Job Board—an exclusive NATM member benefit, as well as implementing the strategies above—branding, job description creation, and networking. Happy recruiting!

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